Webinar #2 of the CFJ 2020 Coaching School Webinar Series

Tuesday, September 24, 2019   
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

This will be a live Zoom call with Carolyn Freyer-Jones. 

We don't like these qualities in a significant other (or ourselves) right?  


Given that, we can be pretty certain no one is hiring a coach who is:

  • desperate 

  • needy

  • stalker-ish

  • a person says jump, you say, "How high?"


These tendencies show up in a coach's communications, written and verbal—sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle!


Let's spend 90 minutes looking at how these behaviors slip into our emails, private messages on Facebook, and our conversations. We'll look at REAL examples of this in email and in conversation. You can receive live coaching on the call.

You'll have opportunities to learn:


  • how to notice more often when this is showing up for you


  • how to de-slime your emails


  • how to course correct AFTER you have slimed


  • grow in your leadership as a professional coach 


And lots of other fun, new ways to get BETTER at serving and enrolling clients into working with you (and experience less sliming in your life in general).



Don't miss this—it doesn't matter whether you EVER attend the CFJ Coaching Success School, you will receive value from this time and if you are still deciding about the school, this will give you a deeper experience of Carolyn and what's happening inside the school. Joining her will be Amber Krzys, primary faculty at the school and exceptional coach.

Limited to 100 participants.


Carolyn Freyer-Jones, MA

Lead Faculty

Amber Krzys, MA

Lead Faculty

Also, once you register, you will receive a free copy of Carolyn & Michelle Bauman's Great Coaching - A Glimpse pdf