Kerry Armstrong, North Central Shelter Intervention Program

“I first met Carolyn several years ago when I was seeking a big change in my life and considered a switch in careers as the answer. Through my work with her, I found that the big transformation I sought was something deeper inside of me. I have never been more challenged or inspired or supported than through my work with Carolyn.

"And through my work with her big change DID come in many unexpected and fulfilling ways. I have gained a richer relationship with myself, my family and my life. I have taken huge leaps into the unknown and into place that scare me and I have come out stronger because of it. Carolyn is magical!” 


Gina Anastasi, Business and Executive Coach

“I knew I had to make some changes in my life to create more fulfillment and joy. I had begun to realize my work environment was no longer a supportive or fulfilling place for me. And, I wanted to make room for a relationship, yet the time I contributed to my work made it improbable. I did not foresee the huge impact working with Carolyn would have on my life. Much has changed externally since I started… I finally said “no” to working in the wrong environment and acted on this; I said “yes” to a new lifestyle and am now in a place that almost matches my living vision; and, I am dating 2 interesting men.

"I practiced asking for help when facing a struggle or obstacle; I practiced enjoying the process and detaching from the outcome. Some of these things seem so obvious, things we all know, yet without the loving support and guidance from Carolyn, and the tools I learned, they were things I would not have really embraced and practiced, let alone celebrate and acknowledge the progress and the results.”


Stefanie Gluckman, J.D.

“I am a successful attorney/economist, with a beautiful and supportive family that I adore. Working with Carolyn has dramatically changed my life. It has changed my perspective, my mindset, the way I experience things and the way I approach problems and opportunities. Before I went through the coaching I was not able to try new things (both professional and personal) without a lot of pre-judgement and fear. I now have the tools and the confidence to try almost anything with a truly open mind, and authentically assess the experience.

"Before Carolyn, I was not able to envision what I want, like, care about, am passionate about and truly value. Now I have the tools to do this and am working on containing my ideas and passions because once I learned to listen to myself, they came pouring out. I am on my way to making it such that every minute of my life (professional and otherwise) are satisfying, authentic, and focused on my passions.”


Laura Gabbert, Documentary Film Director

"Carolyn is a gifted coach! Even if you think of yourself as an actualized, successful person, her work will help you to grow in new and profound ways. The Self Mastery for Women work has helped me to tap into my own inner resources and be more proactive in becoming the person I want to be and feeling the way I want to feel."