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My Partnership with Michelle Bauman

I met the extraordinary Michelle Bauman in 2007. My story changed radically from that point on because she became both my business partner and my best friend. Michelle was a longtime corporate executive - a lawyer, as well as a mother of two boys, married to another lawyer - about as traditional as you can get. She and I met at the gym, and that was the beginning.


Fast forward a few years, Michelle decided to apply to the University of Santa Monica (after deciding I was not a strange freak of nature), ultimately earned her Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and essentially changed her entire professional life, leaving her job and work as a lawyer, launching her professional coaching practice, and our work together.


We developed and co-facilitated a series of dynamic women’s coaching groups—“Self-Mastery for Women: Co-Creating an Inspiring Life” and “Self-Mastery for Professional Women”—as well as weekend intensives, and a variety of other programs. We led these programs together until 2015. Michelle passed away from a breast cancer diagnosis on December 14, 2015.


Michelle’s illness and passing has been one of the most pivotal experiences of my life. We were as close as two friends could probably be, texting and talking multiple times a day, our professional and personal lives overlapping and crisscrossing, and it worked for us.


Our partnership extended into her illness. Along with an exceptional group of friends and supporters and Michelle’s loving husband Scott Bauman, we served Michelle throughout her illness until she took her last breath. At the encouragement and direction of a friend, I decided that I would make sure Michelle had people with her around the clock during every hospital stay (and there were multiple hospital stays) and as much as possible at home.


Initially, Michelle attempted to resist this level of support. And like any good business partner, I ignored all attempts at resisting. Michelle’s life, her work, our work together, and her passing transformed me - and it continues to do so. Our partnership came from Love, and our friendship continues in Love. Granted, it’s different - and, Michelle does not need to be here for this bond to continue to be one of the most profound ones I have.


For more on Michelle and Carolyn, stay tuned for, "What if This is the Fun Part? A Book about Life, Death, Love, Leadership, and What It Really Means to Use Everything for your Growth and Upliftment" by Michelle Bauman and Carolyn Freyer-Jones.


Self-Mastery for Women Now

The Self-Mastery for Women work continues — everything we did together is growing in new ways.  Michelle's work in the world is a constant for me. When I ask inside, "What would Michelle and I do in service this group?" the answers are there, and I hear Michelle. Mostly I hear Michelle encouraging me to keep going, with her extraordinary level of enthusiasm for me and for all things. 

I remember that I still have her as a partner, and I always will.