TOP 3 Keys Successful Coaches Do to Become a Trusted Source of Transformation

Coaches want clients — and they REALLY want to help their clients.  We all want that.

My beloved business partner and best friend Michelle Bauman (who passed away almost five years ago) would say to the coaches we taught in the Soul-Centered Professional Coaching Program at the University of Santa Monica, "Our job as professional coaches is to become trusted sources of transformation."

What does that mean?

Here you go - the top keys all in one place right now.

Key #1

1. Successful professional coaches have vast resource libraries that they have used and can vouch for in terms of the growth-producing nature of the resource.

For example - besides reading, "The Prosperous Coach" by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin, I almost always recommend the book, "Overcoming Underearning" by Barbara Stanny to any coach I talk to.

How do I know it's transformative?

Because I read it and it changed my relationship with money and earning.  It was transformative for me.  It made me different - and I can speak to HOW it made me different.  I also made more money after reading it (and I know a coach who says they read it every year and always make more money when they read it).

I have all sorts of books I assign or give to prospective clients (coaches or non-coaches) based on what they are saying gets in their way.  

All the books I assign I have read and used in my own life and/or own business.  

Do you have your own resource library?  Resources you love that transformed you?

Books, Movies, TED Talks, Articles, TV shows?

If you don't, you want one.  If you have one and you aren't adding to it regularly, you want to be doing this.  For you and for the people you serve.  

Our coach Steve Chandler sent Michelle a book almost weekly.  She had a never-ending stream of books she was reading and then almost directly thereafter she was sending the books to current and prospective clients.

If a prospective client doesn't read, send a movie to watch or an article.  Or a TED Talk.

BUILD your resource library and make sure it's resources you have tested and received results from, inner and/or outer.

Key #2

2. Successful professional coaches are REGULARLY doing something to grow themselves.  New experiential work, new programs, different kinds of personal growth work.

"You mean I need to keep doing stuff and investing my money in workshops, coaches, trainings, etc?"


For example, Michelle and I went and studied with Nancy Kline and learned the Time to Think Approach to Coaching.  We did this while we were being coached by Steve Chandler.  Guess who recommended Nancy to us?  STEVE.  He sent Michelle her book, "Time to Think."  Michelle read it (almost immediately) and said to me, "We have to go work with her."

We did.  It was AMAZING.  Nancy changed us.  We took it back to our clients and shared it - and they got even MORE value from our work with them.

When Michelle passed I did enormous amounts of research and studying about grief (I was wondering why I felt crazy, had insomnia, and was eating almond croissants daily).  I found the work of Meghan Devine (  Her work not only helped me profoundly in my personal grief it made me a better coach.  Her 30-day grief writing course was beautiful and challenging.  I have shared her work with clients and prospective clients over and over again.  My clients and prospective clients KNOW I walk my talk and have done my own work and continue to.

My new favorite thing to assign to coaches and leaders is the Apple TV show Ted Lasso - it's VERY funny, well done, and a GREAT way for people to deepen their understanding of what a good collaborative leader demonstrates.

I went to a Three Principles intensive a few years ago.  WHY?  Because so many people were getting into the Three Principles around me, I knew I needed to go experience it.

We become better coaches every time we do something to grow ourselves.  Our consciousness is what people are buying - the more I grow, the more valuable I become.

Michelle's passing pushed me into new, painful growth.  It's been one of the greatest growth opportunities in my life - and it's deepened me tremendously.

USE EVERYTHING - all challenges, all life events in YOUR OWN LIFE TO GROW, and then turn around and share it in your work.

Here's the last, maybe most important thing. . .  .

Key #3

3. Successful professional coaches give it ALL away without hesitation.  They send materials often without thoughts of, "Well I should wait to give them this book until they become a client..."

Because they know that through generous service people start to experience them as trusted sources of transformation.

People start to rely on them and ask them, "Do you have a book that would help me with . . . ?"

Send a relevant article to a prospective client with a "This might serve you right now" with nothing else - nothing about coaching with you, nothing about what would occur if you spoke again.

NOTHING other than the resource.

Do this with people you spoke to six months ago, do this with people you spoke with six weeks ago.  

If you don't have the budget to buy clients books that's totally fine!  Send them articles, or TED Talks, or links to movies that might assist them.

Build your library, keep building yourself, and give it all away, over and over, and over again.

Becoming a trusted source of transformation is a process, not an event - and it's the NUMBER ONE thing highly successful coaches do - Steve Chandler the godfather of coaching is ALWAYS taking a course, working with a coach on some new thing, reading books, and watching movies or talks.


Steve's like Hamilton only in professional coaching - the man is NON-STOP (song reference here, the soundtrack to Hamilton on replay is required).

There are your top three keys - now you know.  I'm giving this to you - take the ball and run with it!

I'm sending you much loving as you continue on this fantastic path . . .I'm rooting for you and this entire profession.

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