The Selfie-ish Coaching Sphere

OK people.

It's time for me to share this - and - you might not like it. However, as Steve Chandler said to me many years ago on one of my coaching calls, "Carolyn are you willing to risk offending in the name of serving?"

At the time I thought, "Ugh." Out loud I said, "Sure.  I mean, YES."

Now it's more of, "If I am going to be a leader in this industry and be part of making this great profession even BETTER, than I am willing  - even if it means what I say might not resonate with people - and - even if what I say is not liked or appreciated - because this is in service TO something bigger."

Do you think people choose their coach based on the selfie?

Do you think our selfies inspire, ignite, and uplift?

I'm not talking about posting vacation photos or moments with our children. We are human, we get to have these.

I'm talking about the shots of us with the "coachy" message or question.

My experience is a lot of these pics are not in service to the person reading or scrolling. They are about us.  Our great moments - our posed shots sitting cross legged in yoga studios, or us in our clean, open concept houses, or us at cool coffee shops with our laptops open...looking very coachy.

This is a profession about serving others - yet - we are posting a LOT of pics of ourselves.

I am inviting us to be more intentional. Let's THINK more about the post we are making - who is this post for?

Is it for us? So that we feel like we are "doing something" and therefore allowing ourselves to avoid the more critical part of our work of connecting with people for REAL, vs in a Facebook post?

Is it so that we can look into the Facebook and Instagram coaching sphere and feel like, "I'm measuring up, I'm good..."

Is it in service to soothing our egos, keeping ourselves feeling "important" and "relevant"?


What about posting really purposefully when you are up to something that can serve people?


What about NOT posting?

Because...if your business is NOT where you want it to be, take note. Posts can translate into clients if very specific and intentional and you know HOW to do that.

And more random, unintentional posts that are unconscious attempts to feel like "you are doing something" don't result in clients. Especially ones where coaches say, "I have space for 3 complimentary coaching sessions who wants one?"

I am for YOU.

I am for YOU learning how to create a solid, financially strong coaching practice that's fun for you and that makes a difference in the lives of others.

I am for our social media feeds being thoughtful - and I am for this profession not getting a "bad rap" because a lot of us look like we are trying to "get clients" and glamourize the profession.

You don't have to like this blog. I didn't become a professional coach to be liked (plenty of clients have not liked me because I shared something they didn't want to hear) - and I didn't open the CFJ Coaching Success School to be quiet. I am willing to be loud and to offend in the name of advancing this great profession and in the name of serving you.

Join me in this - and join me at the CFJ Coaching Success School in January of 2020. Let's make everything you do in this work purposeful and effective such that your business GROWS!

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