The Entrepreneurial Spirit - Stepping into the Wild, Wild West

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

I remember my coach Steve Chandler saying that being an entrepreneur is like being a gunslinger in the wild west. Many people with "regular" jobs don't understand the wild west, the ability to co-create more or less, whatever the circumstances.

A turning point for me was when I became fully committed to turning up the flame and co-creating another 100k+ in 4-6 weeks. My husband and I had just bought our first home. The house was sorely in need of a new kitchen, and an office for me. This quickly became a full blown renovation that included all new flooring, a new master bath, new kitchen, garage renovation, and more.

The Wild, Wild West is a Kitchen Renovation

I was clear I was that I wanted to do this - all of it. Steve said to me, "Great, let's go."


- "that's not wise Carolyn"

- "I don't think it can be done"

- "Too risky. I don't recommend it"

- "Are you nuts?"

My dad, a relatively conservative business man and former banker was shocked to hear me say thatI simply intended to make the extra money to handle the renovation.

He said doubtfully, "Well, ok. If you think you can do it..."

My dad did not understand the wild, wild west. He loved me, he supported me, and he could not relate to a world where if you wanted to do something, you could create the resources.

Fast forward 6 months, and the renovation was completed.

Steve said to me, "You know, you could have earned that much more at any time. You just haven't wanted something enough."

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because if I can learn how to be an entrepreneur and learn how to increase my earnings and become someone who can do this, so can you.

Now a few things.

I wasn't in the first year of my business. I was a number of years in with a lot of prior work and experience with client creation and enrollment under my belt.

I had already made a significant number of mistakes and learned a great deal.

I also had my business partner and best friend Michelle Abend Bauman was rooting me on. At this point Michelle's body was pretty sick. She still said to me, with a lot of enthusiasm, "Great, I'll help you do this!" in only the way Michelle could. She also said to me, "Carolyn I can appreciate that John (my husband) and your dad are a little freaked out - if I was John I would be. This is a LOT."

And I was on fire. Who knew a house renovation would inspire me in this way?

Maybe part of me was so focused on Michelle and helping lead the team of people serving her, the other part knew that creating in this way and increasing my business was going to serve me.

There are always creative, inspiring ways to serve people more, to create more value, to GIVE.

That was one of the keys to me creating the additional income. Slowing down and seeing how I could serve my current clients in greater ways. And, what new offerings could I add?

The other key was focusing every day on the "co-create the money for the renovation project." Every email and conversation was about this, outside of serving my current clients. No conversations about future projects, only projects that could occur NOW. Only people I could serve now. No distractions, other than serving Michelle however she needed - and that wasn't a distraction. That was my heart.

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