Stop Waiting

I did not jump into full time professional coaching.  Nor did Michelle Bauman, my best friend and business partner.

We both had full time jobs (Michelle was a lawyer and I was an admissions director).  We both were married.  We both had kids - Michelle two boys, me one daughter.

We built part time practices on the side.  I coached on the floor of my bathroom in my husband and I one bedroom apartment, or in my car parked under the carport.

I coached during my lunch hour.

Steve Chandler, our coach said, "Let your coaching work drown out your day job."

We slowly, messily, and very often fearfully grew our coaching work, individually and together.

Our houses were not sparkling clean - Michelle would say to me, "Keep the lights off, less dust will show" (one of my favorite things to share with coaches).

We scrambled.  We prepared.  We wrote mediocre emails and we wrote really good ones.  

I panicked about leaving my day job and stayed probably two years longer than necessary.

Michelle worried about money a lot- and Steve talked to her about her limiting money stories- a lot.

It Wasn't a Fairytale 

Nobody came down with a wand and magically filled our practices.

We were needy at times.  We watched other coaches and compared ourselves to them.

We were painfully regular in our trajectory.  No magic carpet rides (Steve Chandler was not a magic genie in a bottle).

It Was the Best

I look at this time as one of the best times in my life.  Not because Michelle died and now this time is so sweet and special to me - although it is.

It was the best THEN.

Because we were doing something NEW in our lives, something we had no road map for. We had no idea what would occur - and we had no five year plan. IT WAS FUN.  We were learning, growing, making mistakes, having our coach reflect those mistakes to us with enormous humor and showing us different ways to strengthen ourselves and our businesses. Michelle would often say to people about whatever they were sharing with her (coaches, non coaches, whoever), "What if THIS is the Fun part?"

And now I'm saying it to you. What if THIS is the fun part?

What if this thing called growing your business, the learning how to enroll, the connecting, the falling down and getting back up again is THE FUN PART? We laugh a lot in the CFJ Coaching Success School.

The camaraderie is significant.  The joy of doing it together, this thing called growing one's practice, learning how to serve more effectively, sharing in each other's wins, laughing at the propensity to make it about ourselves . . . Don't miss this part.  Don't avoid learning the building of your business.  Don't fall into the trap of thinking, "The coaching part is fun - the business building is not."

Stop waiting for it to be FUN

Come make it FUN (we don't allow it not to be fun).  Make this one of the best parts of your lives.  I want that for you.  Michelle and I were not "different" or "special."  We just didn't get bogged down (too much) in getting it "right" or trying to be "the best".  We were pretty happy with good enough.  We were VERY happy serving people - and laughing together.

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