Roll the Dice - NOT for Professional Coaches

One of the things I often see with professional coaches - particularly those on the newer end (first 2-3 years is THIS (2:30 minute video):

This is a Long Game Profession (read or don't!)

NEWER COACHES (0-3 years)

Have you dedicated a solid year of full effort and focus, showing up for work (as in 6-8 hrs a day, 4-5 days a week) without any "maybe this isn't working" slowdowns, pauses, "breaks", etc?

MIDDLE TIME (3-5 years)

This can often be the time where we are reinventing ourselves, either with a new creation (a group, a book, or a retreat, perhaps a bigger game with our fees).

We often are wanting to "get somewhere" in this part - and aren't "there" yet. This is generally not the time to STOP - it's a time to go deeper into the profession and ask yourself, "Am I on purpose with who I am serving? Have I gotten sleepy to the level of contribution I can be making?"


Have you had a year where you didn't make what you wanted and wondered, "Why? What happened?"

Have you looked at what's changed in your game? Have your days become less focused? When was the last time you tracked your "time in" on the field?

Be willing to be IN the game. Time to slow down perhaps, and see where you are - and be willing to look at what you are doing to create, promote, and allow whatever is going on.

There's MORE for you, wherever you are in your path in this great profession. Here's to you in your professional coaching journey!









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