Replace the Word Makeup Artist With Coach


Replace the word "makeup artist" with coach.

There are a lot of coaches who are seduced by the number of followers a coach has. They think followers = good income, and that it equals good coaching.

That isn't my experience. Don't get me wrong, there are coaches with enormous followings who make excellent money.

And then there are the coaches who chase that lifestyle and that approach, with followers and funnels and streams. I haven't known many coaches who make a strong income this way, although it's chased a lot. Maybe some get successful at it. I know a lot who are trying or have tried. If this suits you, all good.

That approach seems to often include photos of the coach that are beautiful lifestyle shots, with the coaches hair gently blowing in the wind, or with them holding their gorgeous babies, or drinking amazing looking coffee with a pristine laptop (I love amazing coffee fyi).


I don't want any coach who I coach to think my life is glamorous.

It's not.

My life is beautiful. It's meaningful. It has depth, and joy, texture and some big bumps. It has Spirit and good humor and service and fun things. I have great work that I love, and I am thriving. Not a lot of glamour though.

Michelle Abend Bauman would say to the coaches we served, "This is a profession, not a lifestyle."

THERE'S a PLACE for US (West Side Story)

There's a place for coaches who don't look like those glamour shots, who don't think funnels and followers, or the pursuit of followers is for them.

There's an approach to growing your practice without any Facebook at all, if you prefer no Facebook.

There's an approach that only requires you connecting, engaging, and serving one person at a time. Slowing down with one person, learning the art of connecting and serving.

I know coaches who have built thriving coaching practices this way, a lot. I am one of them, as was Michelle.

Everything I learned about this is from my coach, Steve Chandler. He's been my coach for 15+ years give or take, and I say that with pride. Michelle and I would joke that we would keep forcing Steve to coach us. I am holding down the fort on this for the both of us.

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