Updated: Jul 7, 2018

CURIOSITY (read on if you are curious)

How would you rate yourself in terms of curiosity on a 1-10, 1 being not curious, 10 being exceptionally curious?

I'm into rating scales these days...

And, by curiosity, I mean - are you curious about people?

The people around you, whether they are people who you might serve in your business or not?

HEARTFELT CURIOSITY is DYING (in my experience)

I go to parties (occasionally), the gym, my daughter's school, various events, the grocery store ...

I am in a variety of environments where people ask people NOTHING.

Not, "How are you?"

Not, "What do you do?"

Not, "What did you think of Wonder Woman?"

Not, "Where are you from?"

Not, "Do you like what you do for a living?"

I was away recently on vacation with my husband in San Francisco. We were in a restaurant and we struck up a conversation with the waiter, asking him about the cost of living, rents, etc in San Francisco (it's a LOT, fyi).

As we talked, we asked him:

"Where do you live?"

"Do you like East Oakland?"

And then I asked him:

"Why are you a waiter?"

He looked at me for a moment, and said, "Thank you for asking me that.

I like being a waiter, and, I'm a financial advisor building my business."

"OH" I said. "I understand."

We talked some more, and then my husband and I thanked him for talking to us.

Now you could say that the reason we were talking with the waiter was because my husband and I had been together 9 days straight and we'd run out of things to talk about (no. Well, yes, for a few minutes).

Or you could say that because I am a professional coach, I "should" ask questions and be interested. There may be accuracy to this and, asking questions out of obligation aren't very real or inspired...


Do you want to join me in reviving curiosity in our everyday lives?

Genuine, heartfelt curiosity?


Curiosity, slowed down, authentic interest in other people is a game changer.

In your personal relationships people feel seen and heard ...

In your business, customers feel seen, heard, and cared about. Not just for what they spend with you.

And a natural byproduct of this genuine caring is they will give you more business.


Ask one more question of someone today. A genuine question. Look in someone's eyes, at the grocery store or in your house or at the gym.

Post about it here. And, what's your rating?

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