COACHES—What Will Matter to You at the End?

"Why would you want to be something that you have never experienced yourself?"

- Michelle Abend Bauman in an audio interview with Steve Chandler about coaches who haven't worked with a coach.

"That's a red flag for me. I want to work with coaches who have already ran as far as they can and gotten banged up some. Someone who's hungry for coaching."

Hungry for coaching.

Hungry for learning.

Hungry for getting BETTER at connecting and being with the other person in front of us in a real, slowed down intimate way.

Hungry. Not for fame, or being known by millions of people and becoming a "household name."

Hungry to do good work, to make a positive difference, to make a strong income and live a fulfilling, service driven life.

Not a fame driven life.

Not a "get more followers" life.

Nor a "what's that coach got over there" life.

Nor an "I want to be an influencer" life.

Not an issue driven life.

To give.

And give more.

And become more effective as a strong business owner.

At the end of our lives no one is surrounded by millions of people.

"Household name" means nothing.

What means something then?

Good work. Loving. Joy. Taking care of your family and your life, well, with excellence. Making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Michelle was one of the best coaches I know - (for me she was the best). Her ability to serve, to co-create a container of loving transformation, yet share the truth as she saw it was profound.

She was by no means a household name (except in my household, her own, and a few others).

She was known in a few communities. Average communities - her children's school, her graduate school, her former professional life as a lawyer.

She made a very strong living, and she took good care of her family with her beloved husband Scott Bauman.

She only lived to 48 years old - yet in her relatively short coaching career she made a significant impact in a good number of human lives.

Was it enough?

It was enough for me. It was enough for the people's lives she touched and transformed.

Nobody who's life was touched by Michelle cared about her "reach" or influence.

In fact, her willingness to serve a limited number of people deeply made her a more impactful coach.

So as you reflect on what you want in 2019, don't look outside.

Look inside. Look into your heart. And fast forward to the end of your life and ask yourself what will matter to you at the end?

What do you want those left to say about you? What will your story be? Your personal one and your professional one?

Who will be those few people who gather to assist you in completing this life?

Because it won't be millions.

And your impact will matter because we all matter.

Know that I am rooting for you coach, and know that your career will likely be longer than Michelle's. I hope it is. And, if you use her impact as a guide, only good things will occur. A strong living, much loving, a beautiful family, cherished friends, and transformed lives.

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