Coaches, is this a HAPPY NEW YEAR for you?

The close of 2018 is less than 8 weeks away. Are you good? Good with your level of earnings and the people you served?


Bravo to you for serving fully, for co-creating the income YOU want, that serves you and your financial commitments and plans.

And maybe, doing everything you have been doing AGAIN is all you need to do - so it's not always insane to keep going the way you have, if you have a process and a system that is getting you what you want.

Maybe your answer is no. That's a real answer - maybe you are not ok with your level of earnings, maybe you did not meet your financial goals - and maybe you aren't making the appropriate income to meet your financial needs and plans.

WHERE ARE YOU GOING IN 2019 - IS IT HAPPY NEW YEAR OR :-(? There's still time left in 2018. AND - there's time now to get GOING - for 2018 and 2019. DON'T LET THE DAYS SLIP BY YOU. THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS . . . I spoke to a coach yesterday who had already convinced herself that the year was over. "Well, not much is going to happen now, 2018 is already done." HOW WE RELATE TO THE END OF YEAR - and WHAT WE DO IS THE OPPORTUNITY You can create your own end of year GAME. How many conversations can you get on your calendar and have before 2018 is over? AND - WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO for your 2019 TO MAKE absolutely SURE IT'S DIFFERENT THAN 2018? That's the thing - it is insane if you are not happy with your 2018 financial results and you are heading into 2019 "hoping it's all going to work out" and you are not thinking about how to make it different. OR IF YOU KNOW YOU WANT 2019 T0 BE BETTER - even if 2018 was good . . . what are you going to do?

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T WAIT. Do something now. Make 2018 better asap by getting something in place to make your 2019 STRONGER. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL COACHES I KNOW do THIS: Again and again AND again they put themselves in learning environments  - with an individual coach, in a group, in a school - SOMEWHERE that they continue to refine and hone in their ability to serve well without attachment, while at the same time grow their business mindset, and being diligent in their focus and commitment to co-creating a thriving business where they earn solid money. I already know what I'm doing. I re-hired my coach, I am all set for 2019. I know that my business, the book I am working on, my clients and my financial results will all be BETTER because of the presence of a (really good) coach in my life.

COACHES WHO DON'T GET COACHING ON THE BUSINESS OF COACHING (or anything else?) I haven't seen this work very well over the long haul (or the short haul). I am not afraid or shy about saying I have kept Steve Chandler in my life and work for somewhere around 15 years - because - my business, and my life are more successful with a coach than with me on my own. Forget about the fact that coaches who haven't utilized coaches/groups/trainings themselves don't seem to be great advertisements for the coaching profession. As in, here's the message we send, when we ourselves don't utilize coaching in our lives and work, "I don't really think this stuff works - I mean - yes, you getting a coach for your business/life could make a big difference, it could really help you - however me? No thanks - I've got this . . ." HEY, I HAVE THIS SCHOOL I decided to step into the arena and BE a place for coaches to come and learn the art of client acquisition - newer coaches, more seasoned coaches, and everyone in between. There's beauty, and majesty, and FUN in the art of client acquisition, the art of learning to connect, to slow down and really get that there's this person who is sitting across from you. There's nothing like starting a school to say that you mean business about the business of coaching. Here's my encouragement (if you have read this far): 1. DO SOMETHING FOR YOU, COACH 2. DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR BUSINESS 3. DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR COMMITMENT TO THIS PROFESSION I don't care if you come to my school - truly.   I mean, it would be great to have you because I know that a lot can occur for you in the school, and, I'm not attached. Because I know that whoever the 50 coaches are, the 50 who are in the room on January 24 are going to have a DIFFERENT year - a better year, no matter what.   Not because of me - because of their own dedication to action. I do care about this profession. I care that this profession continues to grow and evolve and that coaches GET that investing in their own coaching, regardless of the level they are at and spending time on their business, and learning how to do this WELL with their entire hearts makes a huge difference (note: with heartfelt communication, not with marketing funnels - and not because they are "bad" - more because I haven't seen them work to the level where a coach can truly make a solid income). I am rooting for you in the completion of your 2018, in your work and in your life and in this profession. If I never talk to you, know that. With loving, Carolyn

PS: Here's the link to my school, in case you might see this as a possibility for your DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT to make your 2019 different: And by the way, the coaches who are registering NOW are getting one-on-one coaching private coaching sessions before the school begins - because they want their completion of 2018 to be BETTER before school even begins!!

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