Women and Leadership: Shattering the Inner Glass Ceiling

5-Week Virtual Leadership Lab

(limited to 12 participants)

*PRE-REQUISITE: completing the one day Women and Leadership Intensive


There is untapped leadership lurking inside of you. There is a knowing – that more that is possible. You could be experiencing a deeper sense of engagement and fulfillment. You could be sharing your leadership in a fuller way. There is something lurking inside of you waiting to be born. Maybe you’ve been talking about it for years. Maybe you’ve never dared to whisper it to another living soul. The only question is… is this the time?

Those who step into these 5 weeks will have opportunities to deepen and practice everything from the Women and Leadership Intensive.

  • You will practice new, more empowered ways of leading in all areas of your life, you will develop new behaviors and more effective communication skills.

  • You will be able to generate ideas, inspirations, epiphanies that, up until now,  have been elusive.

  • You will be placed in the center of an extraordinary mastermind group – full of people with different leadership experiences, skills, gifts, and talents – all of whom will be committed to your success.

  • You will have my coaching, life experience, guidance, and dedication.

  • You will have a powerful container – to place your stake in the ground and receive support, guidance, and accountability to move beyond and let go of whatever has stopped you in the past and make your unlived life as a leader a reality.

This group IS for Women:

~ Who are ready to share more of their unique expression of Leadership.

~ Who are ready to work through and release any small-self patterns, judgments, and beliefs that have stood in the way of serving as a stronger leader in their life.

~ Who are willing to practice and be uncomfortable in service to stretching into something even bigger and more meaningful.

~ Who are willing to have fun, experiencing living joyfully and leading MORE than ever before.

The Details

This 5-week lab is to get on the court and start practicing everything you are learning, in real time right out of the gate after the one day Women and Leadership Intensive. 

Calls will be dedicated to going deeper into the skills and distinctions covered in the Women and Leadership Intensive. Every call will have opportunities for live coaching of participants around current leadership challenges and opportunities.



• One 90 minute group call every week for 5 weeks.


• Private Facebook page to receive high-level coaching and share your wins and learnings.


• One 75 minute individual coaching session to assist you in using the lab to your fullest.

Group Call Dates:

• Wednesday, October 30

• Wednesday, November 6
• Wednesday, November 13
• Wednesday, November 20
• Wednesday, December 4

Time: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm (PST)



$1,200 (due in full upon registration)


*Limited to 12 participants – pre-requisite is completing the one day Women and Leadership Intensive.