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Become a 6 or 7 Figure Coach (or a solid 5 figure coach)

and -

ask final burning questions about the CFJ Coaching Success School!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019   12:30 pm - 1:30 pm (PST)


This will be a *live Zoom call with Carolyn Freyer-Jones. 

Carolyn will go into depth about the recent Facebook post that received wide engagement, "An Open Letter to the Coach asking, 'HOW are these coaches making 6 or 7 figures??'"


Carolyn will talk in depth and answer questions about:


  • What does a coach need to do to make their day completely dedicated to serving clients?

  • How does a coach fill their day with conversations?

  • What does the trajectory of a coach growing their practice looks like - what are the milestones, what's important and what's not?

  • How important is marketing?

  • Why does it look like other coaches are making more $?

  • Can you really grow a coaching practice and make a solid income without selling?


And more!  You can receive live coaching on the call.


Don't miss this - it doesn't matter whether you EVER attend the CFJ Coaching Success School, you will receive value from this time - and - if you are still in the final decision making about the school, this will give you a deeper experience of Carolyn and what's happening inside the school - joining her will be Amber Krzys, primary faculty at the school and exceptional coach.

*Limited to 100 participants.

Carolyn Freyer-Jones, MA

Lead Faculty

Amber Krzys, MA

Lead Faculty

Also, once you register, you will receive a free copy of Carolyn's e-book, Top 10 Writings For Professional Coaches Developing Mastery In The Art of Client Acquisition.