Tuesday, November 17, 2020
@ 11am pst/2pm est 


Come Be With the Faculty Members of the CFJ Coaching Success School—Four TOP Coaches in the Business PLUS THE Godfather of Coaching 
Steve Chandler . . .

The CFJ Coaching Success School
Live Webinar


The Profession of Coaching 
in Covid Times and Beyond: 

Opportunities are Everywhere

This live webinar is a critical 90 minutes for anyone in the professional coaching business.  

Whether just entering the profession or you have been a coach for twenty years this event is for those who have chosen this profession and are clear they are going to thrive financially and experience ease in the growth of their business — regardless of any circumstance or situation occurring in the world.


The five faculty members from the CFJ Coaching Success School are Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Stephen McGhee, Amber Krzys, Devon Bandison, and none other than Steve Chandler (aka The Godfather of Coaching).


In this webinar, you'll have opportunities to:


1.  Hear from each faculty member on what's important right now in this business that you'll never forget.


2.  Deepen your understanding of what true service-oriented enrollment is (and what it's not).


3.  Walk away with real actions you can take to grow your business immediately.


4.  Ask questions of The Godfather of Coaching, Steve Chandler, and the other faculty in real-time.


5.  Learn to serve more genuinely and effectively (dropping concerns and worries).


6.  Discover distinctions that will be total game changers in your business (and your life).


7.  Get into the fun game of creating clients (no matter what).

8.  Let go of the 3 things that are stopping you from creating an even more financially successful practice.


9.  Laugh WAY more than you have since the pandemic started.


10.  Experience the joy of this profession and claim your place in it in greater ways.

Carolyn, Stephen, Devon, and Amber created thriving businesses through years of learning and working with Steve Chandler in The Prosperous Coach approach.  They applied it over, and over, and over again to such an extent that they became experts themselves - they all have served hundreds of coaches in growing their businesses through real, heartfelt, and highly effective conversations one person at a time.


This business is growing every day.  More coaches are coming.  This is GOOD NEWS!

Limiting beliefs abound regarding what a professional coach can earn in this industry ($25k a year according to many coaching certification programs).


Get ready for all of this and more to be BLOWN UP on November 17th.  

Make sure you are there live, and make sure you share with every single professional coach you know about the most critical coaching event of this year.



As soon as you register you'll receive what one coach in the CFJ Coaching Success School calls "paper gold".


It's a detailed handout from the school on the process of inviting- one of the most important skills a professional coach can develop.


It's yours when you register along with one of my favorite videos - a conversation all the faculty had last year, sharing with each other what we wished someone had told us early in our careers as professional coaches.


*This event will be recorded and distributed only to those who have RSVP'd for this event.