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Mastering the Art of Client Acquisition Through Service


"No one is better at teaching coaches how to create a thriving practice than Carolyn Freyer-Jones."


~ Steve Chandler

Master coach, teacher, founder of the ACS School for Coaches, Author of Time Warrior, 37 Ways to Boost Your Coaching Practice, Death Wish, The Story of You, and more.

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Carolyn shares in this 4:28 minute video about the school.


  • You love coaching and are already serving people.

  • You are called to grow your business and experience greater financial ease and prosperity.

  • You haven’t quite cracked the code on creating a strong income in coaching - it’s up and down and you ride waves of panic or relief depending on your income flow.

  • You have hit a plateau in your earnings and have not been able to move past it.

  • You are willing to experiment with new approaches and ways of being in service to your growth and the growth of your business.

  • You are willing to be challenged, encouraged, and coached into playing a bigger game.

  • You are willing to drop limiting beliefs and stories about your ability to create an even stronger practice and/or ideas/thoughts around “what it takes to be a successful coach.”

  • You are open to new ways of seeing your business and knowing that the thought, “Where are clients? How do I get clients?” is temporary and that there’s a process and system you can learn and use for the rest of your life.

  • You have created a solid practice, yet you see opportunities to be more effective and would like to be coached and strengthened in going to your next level in your business.

  • You are called to be part of a dynamic community of like-minded and like-hearted professional coaches who are committed to having successful businesses.


  • You are in the mindset of creating a significant number of followers via social media and marketing as a way to create clients. Note - there’s nothing “wrong” with this - it’s simply not what this school is about, and it’s not what we have seen consistently work although for some it has!

  • You are opposed to slowed down, intimate conversations with people as a way to build relationships and connections, and ultimately as a way to create clients.  


  • You are opposed to strategy, have to’s, and “shoulds” when it comes to the art of enrolling clients.​​


  • You do not like learning, practicing new behaviors, taking risks, and being uncomfortable.


  • You are unwilling to take personal responsibility and make choices regarding your work such as fees, program structure, etc – you want to be given the answers and be “told what to do.”

  • You are opposed to being held accountable to what you say you want.


  • You like to struggle and strain vs. earn a stronger income.

  • You would rather be under the radar, lone wolf/by yourself than be part of a supportive community of professionals who will support you and SEE you.

  • You are vehemently against having FUN, laughing a lot, and experiencing more joy, peace as you learn to grow your business.




Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Founder
Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Founder

CFJ Coaching Success School


CFJ Coaching Success School

Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Founder
Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Founder

CFJ Coaching Success School



It doesn’t matter if your background is in Landmark, 3ps, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Psychology, Byron Katie, Integrative Health Nutrition, or any other coaching modality. All coaches are welcome - the requirement is that you are called to learn enrollment and that you are willing to become competent at creating consistent income and no longer live in lack and frustration, making this profession or yourself WRONG.


Carolyn shares . . .

The roots of this curriculum were originally conceived of by my best friend and business partner, Michelle Bauman and myself over 6 years ago. Michelle passed away in 2015 of a breast cancer diagnosis - and her presence, and the work we did together continues to grow in my life, despite her not being here. Michelle was an extraordinary person, mother, coach, and an OUTSTANDING enroller. Any coach who participates in this school will experience the work and words of Michelle.


None of this would be possible without the presence of Steve Chandler in our lives. Steve has been my coach and friend for 15+ years, and he was also Michelle’s and my coach.  


Steve is a significant part of the reason Michelle and I became successful, thriving coaches. We are part of the legacy of Steve Chandler and his teachings. Steve is a special advisor to the CFJ Coaching Success School and he is also a member of the faculty.



Class time will be dynamic, fun, and engaging. Participants will work solo, in small groups, and in the large group. Learning will take place through coaching demonstrations, presentations, small group processes, large group exercises, and intimate reflection.


Each month will focus on 6 aspects of mastering enrollment:

  1. SERVICE: Discovering and practicing your inspiring and authentic way of serving without attachment.

  2. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Developing skills for meaningful, slowed down connecting and relationship building.

  3. ENROLLMENT: Growing your ability to be effective and masterful in conversations.

  4. COMMUNITY: Learning how to create new community or how to cultivate your existing one.

  5. DISPOSAL TIME: Letting go of behaviors that limit enrolling and serving more effectively.

  6. BUSINESS TIME: Consistent actions that lead to a strong business, inside and out so you never have to wonder “how to do this” again.


Participants will also have opportunities to:

  • Discover fun, dynamic, and meaningful new ways to serve current clients more effectively.

  • Use the container of the school to launch a new project - (examples include a new group offering or writing a book).

  • Share creative strategies and approaches with other like-minded and like-hearted coaches.

  • Slow down and further identify and develop your unique gifts and skills as a coach.



  • Peer coaching: You will partner with another class participant in (2) peer coaching calls a month.

  • There will be a mid-month 90-minute group Zoom call where participants will receive live coaching on their enrollment and their lives. (These calls will be recorded and distributed to the class.)

  • Coaches will complete a short report each month via Google Docs prior to each class meeting. This assignment is designed to assist each participant in being accountable and achieving their individual financial goals that will be established at the beginning of the program. Participants will receive in-depth coaching and feedback on monthly assignments.

  • Students will have access to a private Facebook page to share wins and receive coaching on enrollment & client situations from the lead faculty and guest faculty.

  • A specific book, movie, TEDx Talk, or podcast will be assigned as optional extra credit each month.



  • Three very different Master coaches will be coming in on different weekends to spend an entire day with the class (Steve Chandler, Stephen McGhee, and Devon Bandison).  These coaches have been working in the profession for a significant amount of time and have created highly successful practices. They are highly committed to sharing themselves and their stories in service to the growth of coaches who are eager to learn.


Get to Know Us



Lead Faculty



Lead Faculty

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Guest Faculty

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Guest Faculty

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Guest Faculty

“Right away, when I met Carolyn Freyer-Jones, I knew I was in the presence of a Master Coach. And I use that term with great care and discernment. She does not just talk about how to build a sustainable coaching business, she shares wisdom that only comes from experience. And that is the reason, her school is effective for other coaches building their practices. Not only that, Carolyn is hysterical, intelligent and she will not let you quit on your dream, even when it gets tough.


The CFJ Coaching Success School is the preeminent school of choice for anyone that is serious about becoming a leader in this 2 billion dollar global industry. She will stop at nothing, to assist you in getting results in your business that previously seemed impossible. Like some other schools, she won’t teach you how to hack your way into the industry. You will become proficient at the foundational elements of success with a system that you can use to thrive for the next …10, 20 or 30 years as a professional coach.



I am personally thrilled to be part of the guest faculty and cannot wait to serve the coaches who make the smart choice to participate - get ready for real results, depth of learning, and a fantastic, joy-filled community where you can truly grow in new ways." 

Stephen McGhee, Guest Faculty
Stephen McGhee Global Leadership, Inc.


Classes will be delivered virtually on Zoom until the public health restrictions lift due to Covid-19. Then they will be offered in-person (Los Angeles) and virtually.

The class times below are for when we are all meeting in-person & virtually:

6:00 pm-9:00 pm* (pdt)/9:00 pm-12:00 am (edt)

10:00 am-5:30 pm* (pdt)/1:00 pm-8:30 pm (edt)

10:00 am-5:30 pm* (pdt)/1:00 pm-8:30 pm (edt)


*All ending times are approximate.


2022 Schedule*

January 13-15, 2022

February 10-12, 2022

March 10-12, 2022

April 7-9, 2022

May 12-14, 2022

June 16-18,2022

*Program is limited to 50 participants.


CFJ Coaching Success School Tuition: $13,500 (one-time payment)





CFJ Coaching Success School Tuition: $14,400 (3 payments of $4,800). First payment due at registration, remaining payments due on or before Tuesday of months 2 and 3.


Note: This is a school for professional coaches (part-time or full-time). You have to have (or have had) at least two paying clients to qualify for the school.


Questions? Email our Director, Jonny Roman, at



*SIGN UP NOW and receive 2 private, personal 60-75 minute coaching sessions with Carolyn Freyer-Jones or Amber Krzys by Zoom or by phone.


*You will receive a bonus Welcome E-Package with coaching practice assessment questionnaire, exclusive chapter preview of Carolyn and Michelle's forthcoming book, "What If This Is the Fun Part?" and Carolyn's Top 5 Coaching Questions to ask in enrollment conversations.


*Monthly Coaching Success School-Lead-In Conference Calls with Carolyn Freyer-Jones and Amber Krzys focused on Becoming Prosperous NOW as a coach. These calls begin in September and continue each month until the school begins in January.


*Access to the private 2022 CFJ Coaching Success School Facebook page opens September 15th, 2021!  This robust, very active page is where Carolyn and the entire faculty are available to answer questions and support you in your coaching enrollment on a daily basis.