Rachel Langer, Life Coach

"It would not be overstating to say that without the time I spent learning enrollment from Carolyn Freyer-Jones, I would not have a coaching practice at all. She has no equal and no substitute. She understands both the art and science of client creation so deeply that her teaching of it comes across with honesty, clarity, and accessibility. For anyone who wants to be a full-time professional coach and make a living doing it, working with CFJ in any format is a game-changer. Not to mention, she's a fantastic woman and really fun, too. To call her my mentor, teacher, and colleague is a true honor."


Kirk Souder, Co-founder, Enso

"Carolyn when I first met you around 13 years ago, you were already quite impressive. In fact it was your impressiveness, your directness, your diligence that had me finally buy in to the University of Santa Monica—it was like “Well, she's pretty solid and sharp—clearly this ain’t just another one of those new-age, airy-fairy deals—this is must be the real deal if she’s any indicator. 


"Seeing you again in 2017 co-leading the University's Soul-Centered Professional Coaching Program—seeing this whole new level of mastery, confidence, clarity and knowing in you, in turn, gave me so many of those things in my own practice. You are a total rock star and modern-day spiritual ninja. The whole program had me in awe of your mastery.


"I left the class with advancement in both my inner and outer awareness. In the inner I had a much deeper understanding of what I am really doing as a coach—I am being of deep personal service to another being. And on the outer practical level, I was able to let go of a lot of bad habits that were impeding the flow of my practice. Thank you for it all!"


Licia Rester-Frazee, Managing Director of Programs, Admissions, and Marketing, University of Santa Monica

"As I reflect on the many skills and attributes Carolyn has as a facilitator, the one that I'm called to share about is the truly exceptional level of support she brings to each student. Last year I had the blessing to participate in USM's Coaching Program with Carolyn as a lead faculty member. Even before the Program began, I experienced Carolyn playing "all in", holding for and supporting my professional goals and aspirations with such consistent devotion, enthusiasm, and encouragement. Her clear commitment to her students' growth helped create the space within which significant inner and outer transformation was possible. She is a joy to work with and learn from!" 


Carrie Doubts, M.A., PCC, Transition, and Grief Coach

"I started coaching with Carolyn at the point that I realized that I needed to move my coaching practice out of the "hobby" category and create a thriving, financially generative business. I knew how to coach and powerfully serve my clients. What I hadn't learned yet was how to create a business that supported me financially. That changed as a result of working with Carolyn.


"Carolyn has loads of experience and expertise to share about how to create clients. She's also highly intuitive, compassionate, and courageous in her coaching, which has been so very helpful for me while I'm stretching into new and uncomfortable territory. It makes all the difference to have a guide when you're going into uncharted waters - her distinctive brand of leadership is inspiring and uplifting.


"The proof of Carolyn's effectiveness as a coach is in the results I was able to achieve - going from pretty much zero income to six figures income (from coaching only) in the first year of our coaching relationship. She likes to say that she's 100% committed to the success of her clients. I'd say that's true.


"I HIGHLY recommend Carolyn if you want to be guided into discovering who you CAN be as opposed to who you HOPE you can be as a business owner and coach."


Nicola Albini, Leadership Coach

"Working with Carolyn has been an amazing learning experience for me.


"There are very few coaches like her that are masterfully teaching and coaching by example and that are leading with integrity and openness.


"I've had the privilege to be in her class at the Soul-Centered professional Coaching program at USM, as well as participating in her six-month private group for coaches. The whole experience with Carolyn has been worth the investment of time, money and energy. I continue to be mentored and coached by Carolyn for the success of my professional coaching practice. She is an inspiration and keeps challenging me with a loving energy. I highly, highly recommend working with Carolyn and her program for any professional coach that is truly serious and committed about up-leveling his/her game."


Andy Petranek, Coach & Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist of the Whole Life Challenge

"CFJ was my coach for 6 years privately and I was also a student in the University of Santa Monica's Soul-Centered Professional Coaching program which she taught.


"I have two words to describe her coaching, "loving bulldog”. Carolyn is tenacious. She will hold you to your word, ensure you’re held accountable, question your motives, help you dig deeper than you knew you could, and keep you on course in your journey. Sessions with her are as much guideposts as they are wake-up calls. 


"Carolyn is also incredibly loving, supportive, understanding, and compassionate. I always felt free to share anything with her - knowing that however uncomfortable the subject, it would be met with acceptance and understanding. I became a stronger coach with Carolyn, and I became stronger in my life in general - both in my relationship with myself and with others.   


"Here's an example - my business partner and I would do joint coaching sessions with her from time to time when we were getting into challenges.  We'd show up in a tense, not a great place and proceed to have very direct and uncomfortable conversations about our working relationship in the business and our frustrations with each other.  She didn't care how intense it became - she held our feet to the fire and wouldn't allow us to back away. Each time, this would lead to us each taking responsibility and looking at the ways we were each getting in the way of making the partnership work.  As a result of our work with her, we understand and appreciate each other a heck of a lot more, and are way more effective partners because there's a lot less crap in the way.


"Lastly, she’s “normal.” What I mean by that is that she has a normal life, a normal family (with their issues and challenges), and she’s done the work. Because of this, she can relate to you right where you are, listening to your issues and sharing about her life’s challenges while she helps you through yours.


"She’s someone that will help you in every way, shape, and form, move the needle."


Cindy Lou Golin, Life & Business Coach

"I spent 6 months with Carolyn at the University of Santa Monica, where she co-led the Soul-Centered Professional Coaching Program. I am an experienced coach and facilitator - I know what it takes to work with a room full of people and assist them in their learning and growth - it's no small thing.


"Carolyn has a humorous way of shifting perspective that is often accompanied by loads of laughter. She can meet coaches where they are, and assist them in seeing blind spots in their businesses and in themselves.


"Her school will be both a blast and a great opportunity to focus on client acquisition to enhance your coaching practice."