“Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can.”

–    Ralph Waldo Emerson

INDIVIDUAL coaching is intimate work.  My clients discover a deep well of courage and strength of heart inside of themselves—one that they often did not previously know existed. These qualities serve them in extraordinary ways—both in the coaching work we do together and as they walk through their lives.

Here’s what I know: For every heartfelt dream that lies inside of us, there are layers of hardened old beliefs, judgments, disappointments, and fears that serve as obstacles blocking us from what we most yearn to have.  I know this from my own experience and also from years of working with the men and women whom I serve.

Traversing those seemingly dangerous alleys of old material alone doesn’t generally result in forward movement.  It usually results in our staying right where we are.

This is why coaching is so powerful. When my clients and I walk down these alleys together, we do so with an air of curiosity, compassion, and support. There’s no shying away from the darkest spots—because my commitment to my clients is to assist them in discovering the value and learnings in these places. My clients access and build new, powerful muscles inside, the muscles of tenderness, compassion, acceptance, gentleness, and Self-support. It turns out that these muscles are key to the heavy lifting of co-creating heartfelt dreams. It is in walking these alleys that they start to let go of the old patterns that are no longer serving them and step into a new way of being with themselves. Then they have the experience of the alleys widening into well lit streets and pathways leading to expansion both inside and out.

CORPORATE coaching involves the transformation of teams and organizations.  When I work inside of an organization, the work is customized to serve whatever areas the team needs to strengthen - becoming significantly more effective as a sales team, increasing a C-suite's ability to communicate with each other with greater ease, or coaching teams to create clearer agreements that lead to increased productivity.