Anti-racism at The CFJ Coaching School

If you are looking at the pictures of the coaches in the school you are seeing a lot of white people - not only white people, and mostly (currently we have 3-5 coaches of color out of the 50 coaches we accept into the school every year).


I don't love this. You probably don't love it either.  


My journey to creating a more diverse community of coaches is in process. I'm learning where my blind spots and unconscious biases are. It's a messy process - and I am doing it. I'm currently working with Trudi Lebron in her Amplified Impact group and I'm also involved in my own study and learning, reading books, and following the work of different anti-racist educators.


My vision for the school is that within 2-4 years these pictures will look different. The goal is that a minimum of 20-25% more coaches of color are here, using this space to grow their businesses, learning how to become stronger coaches and business owners.


The CFJ Coaching Success School is a place where coaches of all backgrounds, colors, genders, and sexual preferences come to learn how to create an excellent income in this fantastic profession. 


This is an environment of:

- mutual respect

- encouragement 

- joyful learning 

- openness 

- loving inclusion 

We have a lot of fun as we learn how to build strong businesses through serving, not pleasing. 




You are welcome here.  


You will be met with loving-kindness, openness, and enthusiasm for who you are and all you bring to the world - you have my word on this and you have the word of the entire team—Amber KrzysAmy Hruby, and all the guest faculty. We'll also teach you everything we know about building a financially successful business. Your business matters here and your whole life matters here. You'll be heard and respected for your own lived experience as we assist you in increasing your strength as a business owner.


If you have questions about the school or where I am in my anti-racism work for the school, email me at