Because YOU asked . . .

CFJ Coaching Success School presents -

Create Your 2021 with Intention and Focus:

Let’s GO!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021   

11:00 am - 12:30 pm (PST)


Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Founder &
Co-Lead Faculty

Get in front of your year NOW.

Steve Chandler, Amber Krzys, Devon Bandison, and I are getting together to discuss 2021 for professional coaches.


We'll do a deep dive on the 5 key activities and behaviors that can determine the results of your year as a professional coach:

  • connecting

  • serving (without attachment)

  • curiosity

  • attention 

  • initiative 

You'll receive prework for the webinar that's designed to help you set up your year with strength and ease.


LET'S GO - your business in 2021 


We are committed to those in this profession learning how to grow their practices with realness and intention - not by connecting with many - by connecting with one person at a time.


Is 2021 going to be your best year yet?


90 minutes of focus and attention on YOURSELF, your business, and your intentions are a starting point.


From Carolyn Freyer-Jones:


I remember being on a call with Steve Chandler. We were discussing a coach that I was coaching.  


Steve said to me, "They don't want it enough." I responded with, "How do you know?" He said, "Because they aren't doing it.  Coaches who really want it are busy going after it all day long."


I'll never forget that.


Let's get you busy in 2021 on the activities that will yield the results you want.