Tuesday, December 3, 2019   

11:30 am - 1:00 pm (PST)

This will be a live Zoom call with Carolyn Freyer-Jones &
Amber Krzys.


Being a coach and being a professional coach who earns a strong living—there's a difference.  


Declare WHO you are going to be in 2020—that's the focus of this webinar. Declarations are rare. Will you join us?

Carolyn will talk in-depth and answer questions about:

  • Your 2020—what do you need to focus your attention on to have your earnings go UP?

  • How are you going to fill your day with conversations?

  • What's going to get in the way of your coaching business making more money in 2020?

  • How important is it for you to turn up the flame (maybe it's OK for you to stay on simmer)?

  • What's the critical factor in a heart-centered service approach to building your business? 

  • 5% . . . (what is this?)

And more! You can receive live coaching on the call.

Don't miss this—it doesn't matter whether you EVER attend the CFJ Coaching Success School, you will receive value from this time. And if you are still in the final decision-making process about the school, this will give you a deeper experience of Carolyn and what's happening inside the school. Joining her will be Amber Krzys, primary faculty at the school and an exceptional coach.

*Limited to 100 participants. Note: Pre-work is required for participation in this webinar. Upon registration, you will receive the pre-work.


Carolyn Freyer-Jones, MA

Lead Faculty


Amber Krzys, MA

Lead Faculty

Also, once you register, you will receive a free copy of Carolyn's new piece, "Is An Average Yes Good Enough?"